Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Please Allow Us Hens To Introduce Ourselves

Hen #1 Carolyn

We are three long life friends who always wanted to be able to do what we love doing together! That would be crafting, creating and talking about our Grandchildren together.

We are all about Upcycle, Recycle and Repurposed Homemade Gifts. And since we love Christmas, that has become our focus. Our specialty is Stockings. However as we have found ourselves caught up in this years beautiful spring bounty and Easter on its way, we've taken a slight curve in our artistry.

We created the Outrageous Hat that Carolyn is wearing because of a request from Thyme Square Gardens. They are having a Spring Fling Garden Hat Competition and asked if we might create a hat to use for the profile photo for the event. They also asked us to help put together some of our special French Hen Gift bags to use as a Seed Pouch for Herb and Heirloom Seeds. These are to be given away as one of the prizes for the contest.

French Hen Muslin Gift Bags Made to Order

Everything we make is original and one of a kind. No two items are ever the same. This is because we repurpose everything from the buttons off a shirt to the netted produce bags from the market. This is why we say that we have pecked apart and layed together. 

Hen #2 Marlene

Marlene is our detail person. She makes the most fabulous fabric flowers you have ever layed your eyes on! Actually, none of us are actually French. We just love the French Country Rustic and Shabby Chic styles as well as listening to the Twelve Days Of Christmas while we work.

Hen #3 Pammy

You will usually find me out in the garden, but yes...I love to sew as well. I also love what the Three French Hens are doing by creating beauty from repurposed items that would otherwise be lost in someones closet or even the trash.

Burlap Christmas Stockings Starting at $20

Our Tree Ornaments are very popular as well and are available as sets of 6.  We are taking orders through email. Please contact us with any questions and prices. We have already been receiving orders on our Burlap Christmas Stockings, so be sure to order early. We are only Three!

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